Online Gambling Solution

Price: BDT 100 / Hour

Online Gambling Solution


#AIS has implemented online gambling solutions for many clients that have benefited in many ways:

• A seamless integration with back-end data and analysis

• Secure payment process

• Betting tips and live-streaming of matches

• News streaming

• Revenue generation from in-app purchases


#Online #casino

We offer interactive gaming apps for popular gambling games like #roulette, #blackjack, #poker, and the likes


In-play betting

Imagine watching a game of cricket and be able to place bet while #live-#streaming of the match! Our gambling apps let the users do just that for virtual as well as real money

Peer-peer gambling

Our peer-peer #gambling #solution lets the user place live bets against each other making it more interesting and interactive.

Gambling apps

Online gaming has always been a rage among people of all ages. To add to the fun, gambling which was done offline until recent years, only adds to the vigor of the players.


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