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Are you still worried about the high shipping costs caused by the transportation of products purchased from China to Indonesia or the problem of customs clearance in Indonesia? Or because the quantity of products are large, the value is low, and the air shipping cost is high.

   Guangzhou JF Express developed a door-to-door service from Guangzhou to Jakarta to meet your needs.  Different products have different prices. We can ship all kinds of goods, bags, clothes, mobile phone accessories, machines, small appliances, imitation cards, chemical products, etc. The sea price is cheaper then air price.

 the transit time is around 20 to 30 days too, including tax, delivery to the doorstep in Jakarta, the price depend on the different goods, different sea price, min charge:0.5CBM.


Bags, bag accessories, belts, wallets, suitcases, duffel bags:   2600RMB/CBM

Phone cover:                  2800RMB/CBM

Mobile phone accessories:           3000RMB/CBM

General goods:                    3000RMB/CBM

LCD screen, mobile phone motherboard repair phone tool:       3300RMB/CBM

                      Microphone:                      4000RMB/CBM

Ordinary sensitivity (machines, small appliances, LED lights, furniture, toys):4200RMB/CBM

(Cosmetics, food, textiles, hats, clothing, shoes, general chemicals) : 4300RMB/CBM

Min charge 0.5CBM,

fox example: goods are bags, sea freight is: 2600RMB/CBM, if just ship 0.3CBM of  bags, charge:0.5CBM*2600RMB=1300RMB;                                                                            Another example is a batch of mixed goods, there are  four kind of goods( bags: 0.5CBM, fake Jewelry 0.2CBM, shoes and clothes: 0.7CBM) ,  the calculate method is:                                                                                                                      Bags: 0.5CBM*2600RMB/CBM=1300RMB,                                                                         fake Jewelry: 0.5CBM*3000RMB/CBM=1500RMB,                                                        shoes and clothes: 0.7CBM*4300rmb/cbm=3010RMB,                                                       total amount is: 5810RMB

  For details, please contact us, provide the name of the goods,can be quoted to you.  



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